Galentine's Black Bottom Macaroons


I’d be the first to admit that I don’t care much for trends: diets that come and go, gadgets that have meteoric success and then disappear, cosmetics or pills that promise to make us younger, smarter, sexier - you know what I mean… So how did I find myself embracing Galantine? You know, that new twist on a well documented Hallmark holiday? I guess, that’s because my life has truly been supported, enriched and celebrated by a singular feminine phenomena - you guessed it: Girlfriends!

My girlfriends have been there for the everyday hurdles: providing hot meals following baby delivery, picking up kids from activities when I was sick, sharing favorite books and movies, offering advice when I was lost, learning how to knit together and for each other as well as sharing a glass (or more) of wine - to celebrate or to grieve.

At this point in our lives we talk of retirement, health, kids’ marriages and professional lives and rely on each other in a trust that was built over decades of being there for each other. So, when there is a holiday on the calendar to celebrate that - you betcha I’m going to take full advantage of it.

So, we had an evening of healthy and delicious noshes, wine, laughter and conversation (both deep and light) and finished with something sweet. What would a girl evening be without some chocolate?? SInce Jody is GF, Cheryl brought ice cream and Amaretto with a chocolate sauce as well as some GF cupcakes that were cinnamony comforting and delicious and I made Coconut Macaroons dipped in chocolate. These are quick and easy, no need for a mixer and they are ready to be devoured in 45 minutes or less!


Pull up your sleeves and pull out the sugar and the coconut, make little mounds of deliciousness for your girlfriends - and spread the love!!