Rose's Bakery - Israel


Israel never ceases to surprise me... Whenever I venture out, on any trip home, I manage to find little treasures tucked in unexpected places. Kfar Haro'eh is a sleepy little town, about ten minutes south east of Givat Olga, my home town. I drive by it often on my way to visit the kibbutz where my brother lives and I usually do not give it much thought. However, on a recent visit to my brother's house, he sang the praise of a small bakery recently established in the town and urged me to visit.

Rose's Cakes Entrance - Wish I could send you the aroma!


Along with my parents, I ventured out to find it. Shosh's Bakery (Rose's bakery) is tucked in a quiet residential street, next to a quaint little coffee shop named "The Coffee Reader" (a popular fortune telling technique and a play on the name of the town - more about it in a later post). Helpless, we followed the aroma that seduced us in with tempting scents of vanilla, poppy seeds, and chocolate. The entrance features a beautiful, old hand painted floor and a vintage appeal, while the store is bright, cheerful and modest.


The smiling staff welcomed me in with my camera, posed and laughed as i grew intoxicated from the sugary-yeasty smells... Not knowing what to choose, my mom and I loaded up on Cinnamon babka, Halva cookies, Yeasted cheese cake and more. Shosh's husband of over 50 years manned the register, recommending wine, joking with us all along and generally making us feel like part of the family.


So, if you make it to Israel, stop by Shosh' bakery at Kfar Haroe'h, load up on goodies and along the way - stop at Haroe'h Bakaffe' for lunch, dinner or just a tasty snack. That's real Israel...