Your input is needed!!

Thanksgiving is around the corner and the consistent message from all of you has been an interest in premade meals, specifically kosher-meat meals. Below is a list of possible Thanksgiving items. Please provide your input!! Possible Thanksgiving items:

All items kosher


  1. Herb roasted turkey breast
  2. Braised honey garlic turkey breast w/ fennel
  3. Garlic, Silan (date syrup), paprika roasted turkey breast
  4. Rosemary & Dijon mustard roasted turkey breast


Starch Sides (all items Parve, except where noted)): 

  1. Honey rosemary mashed sweet potatoes
  2. Spice roasted sweet potatoes
  3. Dried fruit & fresh herbs quinoa pilaf
  4. Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
  5. Smashed onion and dill potatoes
  6. Meat stuffing: sage, dried apricots and Italian sausage


Vegetable Sides (all items Parve):

  1. Maple roasted Brussels sprouts
  2. Caramelized roasted carrots w/Italian parsley
  3. Sage roasted butternut squash
  4. Roasted dilled sugar snap peas
  5. Mixed greens w/grapefruit and dried cranberries (honey-Dijon vinaigrette)
  6. Mixed greens w/cherry tomatoes, toasted pine nuts (balsamic-basil vinaigrette)


Desserts (all items Parve):

  1. Spiced pumpkin pie
  2. Pecan pie
  3. Pecan choc. Chip pie
  4. Chocolate chip pie
  5. Pear cardamom tart
  6. Apple Cranberry Crisp
  7. Molasses cookies
  8. Frosted brownies